Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Things I might have seen in London, part 9

Here are a few more sketches. Sorry about the delay.

The locations of each of these, clockwise from the upper left, are: St Katharine's Wharf, St. Mary Abbott's churchyard, Berkeley Square, the Gherkin building, Euston station, King's Cross station, Bloomsbury at Prince's street, and finally the Olympia Exhibition Center.


Anonymous said...

I love your sketches!!!


Armand Serrano said...

These are really fantastic sketches you have here, Tom. It's almost I've seen London.

Have a great Christmas to you my friend. Be safe and take care.

Christopher Greco said...

Always a treat and inspirational to visit your blog and enjoy the newest sketches

spider said...

Hi Tom, I have been looking through your sketchbooks, I really like them. I was at college with a bunch of animation students, although I was doing graphic art animation was really appealing. I love the movement in your sketches and the way you flip between caricature and figurative observation. I do lots for sketching, mostly heads and shoulders and loose figures but I greatly admire your ability to free frame movement without loosing a sense of action.

Christy Moellering garmancm@umich.edu said...

Hi Tom,

Talked to Dora this weekend. She said you had a lot of fun when she visited. She gave me my english chocolate bars. I'm so excited but I'm savoring them and refusing to eat them until I can't stand it any longer.

Thanks for referring Mark to that animation group. He had a really good time at the meeting and made a few contacts. Hopefully he will get a contract and be able to create a game for NASA. (we can hope).

Anyway, I just wanted to say I enjoyed looking at your blog. Enjoy your time in England. Have you read "84 Charing Cross Road" by Helene Hanff? I always wanted to go there, apparently they have a plaque up at the spot of the store.

Christine Moellering (Mark's wife)


MORE GORGEOUS WORK. Would like to see you come out to New York and do some of those drawings here.

Hope THE U.K. is treating you well.


Don Does Dallas! said...

Great sketches makes me wanna go to london! :)

Tom Dow said...

Aw, man. I have been remiss in responding to the ol' blog. Sorry folks. Thank you for all the comments. It's so great to get feedback like this.

Spider, I love the sketches on your blog. If you are in the area of London on March 29, perhaps you would join in on the Sketchcrawl. I will post links on the Sketchcrawl forum eventually. I can't promise a large turnout, but there will be at least me and one other sketcher.

Christy, I'm glad to hear that Mark was able to make some contacts at that IGDA meeting. He might also like to know that the Michigan legislature is considering some massive tax incentives that would help entertainment producers of all kinds, including game developers. I really was glad that Dora and Richard could come to visit. I'm on my own out here, so it was great to see friends.

I'd love to get out to NYC, Pedro. I'll be back in the states come June and am considering a trip. It would be out West to hit Siggraph and perhaps the Comic Con as well.


Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Tom, great stuff you're posting here! Makes me want to go hang out in London again! Glad to see you're still up and around drawing away!

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