Friday, August 10, 2007

Dredging up the old stuff

Okay, new blog. What to do...

First off, I'll let everyone know that this is a sketchblog. As the sketchbook grows, so will the blog. A lot of very articulate blogs have some excellent things to say on the subject of drawing, animation, media and so on. This blog, however, will be mostly about showing everyone what I've been up to.

I have sketchblogged in the past through my LiveJournal account. At that time I was going out on a regular basis and drawing people, mostly on the subway in Toronto, or in the Detroit area. That activity ended around the end of 2005 when I started to become quite busy with freelance work. I still maintain the LiveJournal, but it is more well suited for keeping in touch with friends than for sketchblogging. I am in London now, working on a feature film. One of the main reasons that I came to London was to gather material for the sketchbook.

For starters, I present some work from the old blog. Enjoy!


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